Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The reason why i stop perming my hair

Ok i'll admit, i did not stop perming my hair to become "Afro-centric" or to rock the natural look. My theory was "i can go to the Dominicans and get a wash and set and have my hair look like its perm without putting harmful chemicals in it" therefore flat ironing and wash and sets were my best friends. my theory worked for about a year, then it was chaos from there on.My hair stop cooperating with me, it was extremely hard to keep my hair straight! i would flat iron it and an hour later it would puff up. I still had perm on my ends so that would be the only thing still straight when my hair puffed up. It was so ugly and frustrating to me. Then to top it off my hair was falling out because the perm was breaking off!! Even though i did not know what to do with my hair, i did not want to go back on my word and perm my hair so i would just wear pony tails everywhere. It wasn't until a good friend of mine told me about a style called a braid out, i would braid my hair while it was still wet and in the next morning i would take out the braids....WOW!! i have never seen my hair look that good before! i rocked that hair style for about two weeks. Then i tried a wash and go to get a curly look, mind you i still had perm on the end of my hair,so everything was nice and curly EXCEPT my tips. The front of my head had a lot more perm on the ends, it was so ugly!. I remember starring into the mirror thinking about grabbing a scissor and just cutting until there was no more perm left in my hair. Thank god i didn't though. I was so frustrated i would of went crazy with the scissor. So I ask a friend of mine to cut all the perm out my hair i didn't care how much she cut off,my plan was to start over and make my hair healthy hair. So with the help from Youtube videos and my close friend i learned the Do's and Don'ts on black people's hair. Its easier to work with the kinks than to fight them.

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