Thursday, June 3, 2010

what grinds my gears!

You know what really grinds my gears (got that from family guy,I LOVE THAT SHOW!)black guys that says natural hair is ugly! Do they not know they have the same hair as us?? i came across a guy that said he doesnt like the whole natural look on girls then yelled out "perm hair all the way!!" wow now you know he got to be young. some of these black guys walk around as if they have a "special" hair texture,a texture thats so different then us women, well sorry to burst ya bubbles but....not! its just like ours! the same kinks, the same coarse, the same hair care etc. thats that real self hate rite there i guess. Just because some walk around with light/dark Caesars, waves, or braids dont mean the texture of your hair is not like ours. i think the least thing guys need to worry about is a women's hair anyways. if the girl hair is straight or kinky as long as the lady looks good then thats all that should count. i guess the moral of this story is that; guys need to respect our natural hair a little bit more, for god's sake its your hair too!!! we need our black men to support us and stop feeding into the artificial lifestyle.

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